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We create better homes for people to live in.

We create better homes for people to live in.

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WANA consists of Craig Smith and Jack Morgan, accompanied by a network of design and construction experts from Bristol and around the South West of England. Our collaborative approach to client projects helps us fully understand what our clients want and need in their home. Having worked with a variety of sustainable materials, we are well positioned to give advice on how to sustainably construct your project and use green materials where possible. We offer more than just architectural expertise, with a list of some of our most requested services below:

Architectural Services

We provide a full range of residential architectural services to oversee all aspects of a construction or development. From initial proposals, concept design development, preparation of documents, and construction administration, we also offer feasibility studies and architectural visualisation. We are happy to be part of a project at any stage that we are required and will give our expertise on any points needed. We will always stay in touch to the completion of a project and beyond, so there’s no worries about being left behind or in the unknown.


Planning Applications

Planning approvals in Bristol and Bath can be difficult - a majority of properties consisting of protected Victorian or Georgian architecture in tight urban areas. However gaining permissions on these properties are our expertise, with many years of experience designing projects to work within protected buildings and reimagining smaller and hard to work with spaces. Planning applications can sometimes be a pain point in a project and we’re here to make sure we take that stress away from you and take the pressure off of your project.


Building Regulations

Building regulations differ from planning permission and it may be that won’t need formal planning permission for your project but you will need building regulations sign off. Building regulations approval is needed for the construction, extension or alteration of a property as well as smaller projects. The Building regulations set out the minimum requirements that a building must satisfy before being occupied and this can vary for higher-risk and older buildings. All projects will require site inspections from either local area building control or a private inspector before eventual sign off and a final certificate being granted. This is a service that we can help with to ensure a project sticks to its schedule and doesn’t meet any unplanned interruptions.


Structural Calculations

Very simply, structural calculations are the nuts and bolts behind a construction project. These calculations provide the construction and design team with the raw structural details of a project and can include steelwork, foundation design, timber structure and connection details. Our structural engineers fully engage with us at the correct stage in the project to make sure that design and engineering are fully in tune throughout the process to ensure the end product is as per the intended design concept.


Architectural Visualisation

Experienced in architectural visualisation and rendering services, we create stunning and highly accurate CGI’s of projects based off of client requirements. Bridging the gap between design and reality, our architectural visualisation brings your project to life before the ground work begins. Architectural visualisation allows you to quickly and efficiently make adjustments during the design process and also effectively market developments ahead of time. 


Development Appraisals

Development appraisals, or development valuations, allow us to assess the future potential of a property or piece of land. From a planning point of view this involves research into the constraints and opportunities of a site and offering our opinion on the planning and legal aspects that may arise. Appraisals can be a complex process but they provide a basic guide on the types of information the council needs in order to evaluate the economic viability of a development, something crucial for planning decisions.


We Are Not Architects is the trading name of WANARCHITECTURE Limited.

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We Are Not Architects
is the trading name of WANARCHITECTURE Limited.

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